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The SaeboStim Pro is a portable, dual-channel electrical stimulation device. It has a comprehensive range of programs for muscle contraction, sensory stimulation and pain relief. It also includes a unique trigger button to enable easier practice of every day tasks.

Electrical Stimulation (NMES) is supported by the National Clinical Guidelines for Stroke 2023 for arm rehabilitation.

For help and guidance with this product, you have access to our Clinical Team who have over 45 years experience between them as Therapists working in Neurological Rehabilitation.

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SaeboStim Pro
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Product Description

What is the SaeboStim Pro?

The SaeboStim Pro is an advanced neuromuscular electrical stimulation device. This device is designed to improve motor impairment, re-educate and strengthen weakened muscles and offset the effects of disuse after a neurological or orthopaedic injury. It can be used to re-educate muscles to perform every day tasks in both the arm and leg.

The device works by delivering electrical signals through electrodes to the targeted muscles to contract and relax.

The SaeboStim Pro is a portable, dual channel stimulation device that incorporates a comprehensive range of programmes that makes it ideal for any rehabilitation programme.

Unique features of the SaeboStim Pro include:

  • Trigger button that allows complete control of the stimulation for functional use
  • Option to add an electro mesh glove and sleeve for Sensory Electrical Stimulation
  • Ability to create a customised programme
  • 15 easy to use programmes created to allow treatment for all levels of recovery

Who Can Benefit?
Clients suffering from both neurological or orthopaedic injuries are suitable candidates for the SaeboStim Pro. 

What is the Clinical Criteria Required to use the SaeboStim Pro?
Any client suffering from muscle weakness and reduced function can benefit from electrical stimulation.

What Are the Contraindications?
Clients that may not be appropriate for the SaeboStim Pro typically exhibit one or more of the below:

  • Pacemakers (approval can be provided by a Cardiologist or relevant medical professional).
  • Pregnancy.
  • Uncontrolled epilepsy

Note: refer to the user manual to see a complete list of contraindications.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3 in


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SaeboGlove FAQs

Is a therapist required to provide the SaeboStim Pro to clients?

No. Although a therapist can help provide guidance in incorporating the SaeboStim Pro into your rehabilitation programme, it is not an essential criteria to purchase and use the SaeboStim Pro.

How frequently should I use the SaeboStim Pro?

Research suggests that individuals suffering from stroke and other neurological injuries appear to receive the most benefit when electrical stimulation to the targeted area is provided for at least 30 minutes per day.

Is it helpful to combine other products while using the SaeboStim Pro?

Yes. To maximize the benefits of the treatment, combining the SaeboStim Pro with other products such as the SaeboFlexSaeboGlove, or SaeboMAS Mini would be recommended.

Are there replacement parts that can be purchased?

Yes, we carry a full range of electrodes : Saebotrodes 1.25″, Saebotrodes 2″, and Saebotrodes 2×3.5″ standard electrodes and hypoallergenic ultra stim 2.5 inch and 3 inch rectangular electrodes 

A 20% discount is provided to these accessories if purchased with the SaeboStim Pro.

How do I use the device for Sensory Electrical Stimulation?

Click to programme 14 on the SaeboStim Pro.

You will need to purchase the Sensory Accessory Kit for the hand or our Sensory Accessory kit for the foot

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