SaeboStim Pro Accessory Kit

While not available for purchase online outside of the UK, US or France, Saebo's innovative products are available through a network of trained distributors spanning six continents.

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  • The SaeboStim Pro Accessory Kit provides sensory electrical stimulation (SES) to the arm and hand using specialised Electro-Mesh Garments when combined with the SaeboStim Pro. The highly conductive Electro-Mesh material is not only soft and comfortable to wear at rest but also during activities.
  • The Kit consists of an elbow sleeve and glove, tube of Theracream to aid conduction, and a pair of snap connectors to connect to your SaeboStim Pro.
  • The low level stimulation is delivered into the elbow sleeve and glove through programme 14 on the SaeboStim Pro. Clients suffering from impaired function, weakness, and spasticity can benefit from much-needed stimulation.




Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9.25 × 7.75 × 3.375 in


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