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The cutting edge SaeboGlove helps clients suffering from neurological and orthopaedic injuries incorporate their hand functionally in therapy and everyday tasks at home. The tension system extends the users fingers and thumb following grasping, and can be easily adjusted as required. The lightweight, low-profile functional design allows comfortable wear and usage throughout the day.

For help and guidance with this product, you have access to our Clinical Team who have over 45 years experience between them as Therapists working in Neurological Rehabilitation.

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Product Description


  • Spiral forearm design that secures the wrist in a functional position.
  • Tensioners are located at the IP joints (interphalangeal joint) of the fingers and thumb to assist with extending the digits following grasping.
  • Individual Tensioners can be removed to customize assistance based on the client’s needs.
  • Numerous-sized Tensioners included to accommodate various finger lengths.
  • Full joint finger motion possible to maximize functional performance.
  • Silicone-covered finger tips to improve traction during grasping.
  • Non-slip liner to minimize migration.
  • Glove includes Lycra material for expandability.
  • Palm exposed to increase breathability and ease of donning.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.


  • The SaeboGlove is designed for both individuals that have experienced a neurological injury such as stroke as well as orthopaedic injuries such as radial nerve palsy.
  • Users that demonstrate arm and hand weakness (wrist drop/unable to open hand) and are unable to use their hand to perform everyday tasks are great candidates for this device.
  • The onset of the injury does not prevent someone from using the SaeboGlove. Whether the user just had a stroke or orthopaedic injury, or if he or she suffered an injury years ago, the SaeboGlove can be of great benefit.
  • In order to qualify for the SaeboGlove, users must be able to close or squeeze their hand minimally. In addition, users must have minimal to no tightness or spasticity in the fingers or wrist.


You may not be appropriate for the SaeboGlove if you exhibit one or more of the below:

  • Severe joint deformities in the hand or elbow.
  • Significant arthritis.
  • Mild-moderate tightness/spasticity or greater in the hand or elbow.
  • Moderate or severe swelling in the hand.
  • Open wounds.
  • Unable to follow basic commands.
  • Latex allergy – please contact us before purchase if you have a latex allergy

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 2.8 in

13 reviews for SaeboGlove

  1. James Penney (verified owner)

    I’ve used my glove for about a week, I had a stroke in May. I’ve been recording things like typing progress by WPM and filming my hand doing basic tasks such as switching the light switch on to measure improvement.

    Before the glove I’m averaging an increase of one word per minute improvement each week and, I couldn’t use my index finger to turn on switches, it just buckled or couldn’t even get into position.

    After a day with the glove I went from 15 WPM to 20 WPM and still improving and I can use and relax my hand a lot quicker and easier.

    Obviously having a thick glove on impedes your movement but that’s not the point, it’s to help train your brain to grasp and release and position your fingers better, for that, I can clearly and plainly see immediate improvement. Even the first time I wore it, the effects lasted a few hours after I took it off, now it has improved to all day, I’ve genuinely seen an improvement.

    My concern is the Saebo rep my physio has didn’t even mention the glove! He tried to push the saebo flex, we tried it and it was bulky and didn’t work very well, even after a “fitting” it worked poorly. over engineered. The glove however, worked first time. Why not push the glove? People can actually afford it!

    • Amy Bean

      That’s fantastic progress in such a short period of time with your SaeboGlove, which we always love to hear. I am sorry about your experience with the SaeboFlex as this clearly wasn’t the right product for you (it is designed for tight stiff hands). We were not contacted about choosing the SaeboFlex over the SaeboGlove in this instance…for someone practicing the tasks you are working on, the SaeboGlove is the more suitable splint.

  2. Rex

    This glove is amazing however it is not suitable for all things. It is a great exercise and training tool. I have one but some things are easier without the glove than with the glove. Again great for exercising the hand and fingers as well as some everyday tasks.

  3. Dean

    My therapist tried the Saebo glove on me once and it actually worked. I am looking forward to using it again and thinking of purchasing one for myself. I’ll guess I’ll see how well it does.

  4. Adrena H.

    I purchased the Saebo glove, but I’m not sure it works well for me. My fingers still slightly curl tight and I can’t slide the glove all the way on because of that. I got the right size. I can close my hand and squeeze it into a fist, but I can’t open it to a point where my fingers can extend or as if I’m releasing something.

  5. Lupe

    I liked the saebo glove its not as bulky. But you have to be able to put your fingers in a glove. The best thing about saebo products is they have different levels so they are geared to be your level

  6. Amy

    I received the glove last Friday. When I put the Glove on, I wanted to extend my whole arm and I wanted to use the palm of my hand more. I was more motivated to use my thumb and index finger to pick things up. I want to continue to use the Saeboglove and have more improvement in my hand movement!

  7. Jan

    So awesome! We bought the Saebo glove for my husband recently. I hope and pray he gets some function back on left arm and hand.

  8. Dorothee

    My clients love the SaeboGlove. The feedback I receive and the results are phenomenal. The glove is lightweight and the rubber fingertips enable my clients to grip objects more easily. The SaeboGlove allows people the freedom of feeling what it’s like to open and close their hands again – all by themselves, without my assistance or the use of electrical stimulation.

  9. Chris W.

    With the glove I’m able to pick up small objects, blocks, pencils, etc. and manipulate and stack other peg objects on a board. These tasks were either difficult or impossible without the SaeboGlove…I am grateful for this and hoping that I will continue to see improvements as my brain retrains. Thank you Saebo.

  10. Jim

    We tried the glove but found it too complicated requiring too many bands of varying elasticity. Decided to send it back.

  11. Linda

    Over the years I have used the Saebo-Flex, Stretch and most recently the Glove. My OT developed home programs and I ended up buying all three products. I feel it was totally worth it because I have made such progress. The more dedicated and consistent I was using them the better the results. Always record measurable goals to see your improvement.

  12. L.M. Borden

    I tried the saebo glove for the trial period it was a lot more practical to wear all day. hard to put on without help. Lots of rubberbands. But i was able to wear it all day. I can now open and close my hand with little help.

  13. Marjorie Mitchell

    I started useing saebo 6 months after my stroke and used it for almost 2 years. It helped not only my grip and arm movement it also helped my hand swelling so I only had to use my glove at night. It was hard for me to stop useing it because it had become so much apart of my life. It was not a quick return of grip it was very slow but without the saebo I believe my arm and hand would still be flacid.

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SaeboGlove FAQs

What is the SaeboGlove?

The SaeboGlove is an orthoses with an elasticated tension system that extends the clients fingers and thumb following grasping. The spiral forearm design supports and secures the wrist for individuals exhibiting wrist drop.

How is the SaeboGlove different from the SaeboFlex?

The SaeboFlex is a high profile, out-rigger style splint made from durable rigid parts used to support and assist individuals with increased spasticity during exercise. The SaeboGlove is a low profile splint made from soft fabric and semi-rigid parts used for patients that do not exhibit spasticity or where it is only mild. It is designed for every day use as well as exercise.

The SaeboGlove parts do not have the material strength needed to re-extend the digits following grasping of a client that has increased spasticity. These clients would need the SaeboFlex.

Who can benefit most from the SaeboGlove?

There are 3 groups of clients that typically qualify for the SaeboGlove:

Mildly Affected Neurological Clients: These clients exhibit some finger extension, but not full. They may have used the SaeboFlex, but are no longer challenged by it. They may exhibit mild spasticity, but not enough to prevent them from extending their fingers to some degree. They still suffer from hand function impairment including fine motor control, weak finger flexors, and/or weak extensors. Numerous repetitions may be difficult due to weak finger extension strength and endurance. Thumb and index finger spasticity may be more prevalent.

Moderate/Severely Affected Neurological Clients: This group exhibits very minimal or no active wrist/finger extension and are very low tone or flaccid; they are not impeded by spasticity.  Electrical stimulation combined with the SaeboGlove may be required with some users in this group to initiate grasp.

Orthopaedic Clients: This group typically has a diagnosis of radial nerve palsy/brachial plexus injury/fractures. They exhibit wrist drop and lack finger extension strength.

What is the Clinical Criteria for SaeboGlove?

In order to qualify for the SaeboGlove, users should exhibit some ability to squeeze. If the user cannot squeeze (curl fingers), then electrical stimulation to the finger flexors to facilitate squeezing can be provided. In addition to demonstrating active finger flexion, users should not exhibit spasticity in the hand. If users demonstrate more than mild hypertonicity in the wrist and fingers, then the SaeboFlex would be required.

If I already have the SaeboFlex, is there any reason to consider the SaeboGlove?

As people make progress with their arm recovery, it is common to see improvement with spasticity and better movement in the wrist and fingers. When this occurs, the SaeboGlove may be more appropriate for their next stage of treatment as it allows for use in every day tasks, not just exercise.

How does it work?

  • The SaeboGlove is a light and comfortable splint that allows an impaired arm and hand to regain function.
  • Normally, clients that have suffered a neurological injury such as stroke are unable to open or extend their fingers and their hand often is in a clenched or closed position.
  • The SaeboGlove assists with hand opening and closing (grasping and releasing).
  • The fingers and thumb are opened by a tensioner mechanism that looks like soft elastic bands. The tensioners are easy to put on and take off and offer multiple attachment sites for each finger, to customize the amount of help the client may need to open and close their hand. Individual tensioners may also be removed as the client makes progress.
  • By opening and closing the hand with the SaeboGlove, clients can retrain the brain and strengthen the muscles needed to perform daily tasks. It can also prevent tightening of the hand and shortening of the muscles, which can limit hand function even further.
  • “If you don’t use it you will lose it.”  With the client using their hand early and often following the injury, further loss of movement can be prevented and a faster recovery may occur.

How do I know it is right for me (or my patient)?

  • The SaeboGlove is designed for both individuals that have experienced a neurological injury, such as stroke, as well as orthopaedic injuries, such as radial nerve palsy.
  • Clients that demonstrate arm and hand weakness (wrist drop/unable to open hand) and are unable to use their hand to perform everyday tasks are great candidates for this device.
  • The onset of the injury does not prevent someone from receiving Saebo treatment. Whether the client just had a stroke or orthopaedic injury, or if he or she suffered an injury years ago, the SaeboGlove can be of great benefit.
  • Criteria includes:
    • Minimal ability to squeeze the hand.
    • Minimal to no tightness or spasticity in the fingers or wrist.

What can I expect with my SaeboGlove?

  • Once the SaeboGlove is set up, a treatment plan can be created to follow in the clinic and/or at home. A sample session may consist of various hand and arm activities and exercises that challenge the affected side.
  • For some users the SaeboGlove will provide an immediate change in ability with every day tasks.
  • The SaeboGlove has been used with thousands of clients yearly. Although results vary, many clients are able to regain lost movement over time.
  • Common challenges like getting dressed, typing on a keyboard, or returning to work can now be possible with the SaeboGlove.
  • Like all medical treatments, the amount of recovery cannot be guaranteed, however, clients that are motivated and compliant with the daily home program tend to have better outcomes.

What are the contraindications?

  • Clients that may not be appropriate for the SaeboGlove typically exhibit one or more of the below:
    • Severe joint deformities in the hand or elbow.
    • Significant arthritis.
    • Mild-moderate tightness or greater in the hand or elbow.
    • Moderate or severe swelling in the hand.
    • Open wounds.
    • Unable to follow basic commands.

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