SaeboStim Pro Treatment Kit


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The SaeboStim Pro Treatment Kit is a comprehensive, reusable kit designed for hospitals and clinics. The kit allows clinicians to address arm function, sensorimotor recovery, weakness and spasticity.

NMES supported by the National Clinical Guidelines for Stroke 2023

Product Description

The SaeboStim Pro Treatment Kit contains

  • 3 SaeboStim Pro units
  • 6 Electro Mesh Gloves
  • 6 Electro Mesh Sleeves
  • 2 Electro Mesh Socks
  • 5 tubes of conductive Theracream
  • 10 packs of 5cm round electrodes
  • 2 packs of 5cm by 5cm rectangular electrodes
  • 3 Instruction manuals

What is the SaeboStim Pro?

The SaeboStim Pro is a portable, dual channel, neuromuscular electrical stimulation device. This device is designed to improve motor impairment, re-educate and strengthen weakened muscles and offset the effects of disuse after a neurological or orthopaedic injury. It can be used to re-educate muscles to perform every day tasks in both the arm and leg.

The SaeboStim Pro is a portable, dual channel stimulation device that incorporates a comprehensive range of programmes that makes it ideal for any rehabilitation programme.

Unique features of the SaeboStim Pro Kit include:

  • Trigger button that allows complete control of the stimulation for functional use
  • Electro mesh gloves, sleeves and socks for Sensory Electrical Stimulation
  • Ability to create a customised programme
  • 15 easy to use programmes created to allow treatment for all levels of recovery




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SaeboGlove FAQs

What is included in the Kit?

3 SaeboStim Pro

6 Electro Mesh Gloves One size fits all

6 Electro Mesh Sleeves One size fits all

2 Electro Mesh Socks One size fits all

Theracream 5 tubes

Electrodes 5cm round, x 10 packs

Electrodes 5cm by 5cm rectangular, 2 packs

Instruction manual x 3

You can download a brochure on our Clinician page 

Is the kit reusable between multiple users?

The SaeboStim Pro devices, leads and connectors can be wiped down with any cleaning wipe.

The Electro Mesh Gloves, Sleeves and Socks can be cold washed. Hot washing may damage their effectiveness.

The Electrodes are single person use

Do therapists need training to use this kit?

No. We have online guidance on using the device in addition to the user manuals. Please contact our Clinical Specialist for the links [email protected].

If you would like additional support we do provide free video training with our Clinical Specialist.

What are the contraindications?

Clients that may not be appropriate for the Sensory Electrical Stimulation typically exhibit one or more of the below:

  • Pacemakers (approval can be provided by a Cardiologist or relevant medical professional).
  • Pregnancy.
  • Uncontrolled epilepsy.

Note: refer to the user manual to see a complete list of contraindications.