SaeboStep Replacement Cord Kit

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The SaeboStep Cord is a very high molecular density form of polyethylene for strong long lasting use. Under normal conditions and regular use, you can expect the cord to last at least a year.

For heavier, more active users we now have an even stronger steel cord option.

Additional information

Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 3.8 × .02 in

Standard, Steel

1 review for SaeboStep Replacement Cord Kit

  1. frozenstarash (verified owner)

    Disappointed with this because snaps every 5 month and I have to replace it.. really not happy, 1 star..very dangerous when snapps, It caused falls.

    • Amy Bean

      For SaeboStep users who are more active or put more strain through the cord we now have a Steel Cord version available on request. You now have this version and from your feedback we hope this will be fully available on our shop in the near future. In the short term anyone requiring this can contact us directly to purchase.

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