Online Training and Support

Online Training to enable assessment, measurement and accurate fitting is required for the SaeboFlex or SaeboReach only. Training is available to therapists and non therapists through our online link.


Our online link will take you through the different steps required to set up the SaeboFlex or SaeboReach via a series of videos. There are also some useful tips for exercises, problem solving and downloadable documents such as our Daily Activity Log to help keep a track of your progress.


We have 2 week free trials available for the SaeboFlex and SaeboReach once the online training has been completed. This service is designed to help you decide if it is a suitable product for your rehabilitation programme; if it is, the next step is to order a custom made SaeboFlex or SaeboReach for longer term use.


Contact us for :

  • Free Saebo online training link.SaeboReach
  • Free In-House training for your team with our SaeboFlex/SaeboReach reusable kit purchases.
  • Free video consultation with our Clinical Specialist to check suitability.
  • Details how to request a 2 week free trial unit.



We have online support videos for products in our Saebo range; these are not a requirement for use but are there for additional support. You can access them at on our YouTube page . If you can’t find what you are looking for, do get in touch with us.